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Heal -In the midst of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a gifted child makes an extraordinary effort for his people.

Directed by – Mian Adnan Ahmad – Writers – Mian Adnan Ahmad – Producers –  Mian Adnan Ahmad – J.C. Diaz –  Marcus Metsala – Cast – Walid Amini – Summar Swift Bitar – Hamid Majid Habibi – Sayed Hashimi – Fereshta Kazemi – Navid Negahban – Hannah Sher – Reha Zamani – Ameer Zhowandai – Original Music –  Tuomas Kantelinen – Cinematographers – Dani Sanchez Lopez – Editors – Yukako Shimada



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editors performing at mercury prize show

editors performing at mercury prize show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A filmmaker, his girlfriend, his female colleague, and their rich producer are to spend a weekend making a documentary within an isolated haunted cottage in Wales. While a developing love-triangle creates tension between the foursome, they soon have to begin fighting for their survival against the dangerous supernatural forces inside the cottage…

Directed by
Shaun Troke

Steven Jarrett
Steven Jarrett
Shaun Troke

Stewart Kennedy
Michael Lonsdale
Shaun Troke

Sabrina Dickens
Paul Fields
Danny Goldberg
Nikki Harrup
Holly Kenyon
Leonora Moore
Laurence Patrick
Steve Purbrick
Shaun Troke

Shaun Troke

Shaun Troke